Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to horse riding

Hellooo. So, my hand has healed... kind of, and i hadn't been riding for about 1 month.  It felt  good to finally see horses again :D Last week and the last past days had been crazy... Study,study,study... All of this was because of my hand... and, well.. i had a cold recently.. still coughing. Anyway, im really happy. Christmas is coming and everything is going uphill for me ^^  Only the fact, that i cant go horse riding 21 - 30 dec  is not good. But otherwise im very positive. Ok cant chat right now... one day.. and im free of school for a while :D  And CHRISTMAS is coming! That makes me happy :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

My first blog :)

Hello everyone. Im really glad you are actually reading this.
So, ill tell you something about myself. I really love horses and riding them, although i have only been riding for about 6 to 7 months. I have fallen a few times. The second time i fell, it was really bad. I lost consciousness and for some time i didn't remember much. I know many people have fallen with much more serious consequences. Still everyone, including my parents were startled and told me to quit. But i really love horseback riding and horses, so i continued. Two weeks ago i fell again, right on my hand, but i still didn't even think about quitting. Now I'm sitting here and writing. I will blog more about my still short but difficult horse riding journey.
If i should tell something more about myself, id say that next to horses i like other animals as well. My family has two dogs, one cat and two little parrots. Our dogs are really important to me and without our beloved cat our family just wouldn't be complete. One of my other hobbies is drawing, but my passion is animating. I wont write much about my other hobbies on this page. Because animating and horse riding don't really mix...I also find the universe interesting. Lately i have been watching documentaries about the mysteries of space. Some things are really confusing and it's hard to figure them out, as for me, I love a good challenge :)  As you can probably tell, i am a person with many hobbies and passions. There are more things i like to do, but if i told you all of them you would probably fall asleep. What I'm trying to say is, that though i like many activities, i will always love horseback riding :). I don't have my own horse just yet. My family can't afford a horse and i think I'm too much of a beginner to own a horse.
I'm a small town girl with big dreams. I was born in June 1996, so you do the math ^^. Yes, I am pretty young, but it's the 21-st century, everything is possible. Besides, I'm not planning to be a millionaire and with hard work and dedication i think i should be able to achieve anything i want. If you want to hear my stories or just are a horse rider yourself, don't be afraid to comment. Besides, I'm still a beginner, so tips and recommendations are more than welcome.