Sunday, December 30, 2012

I love horse riding!!!

Even the thought of horse riding or horses draws a smile on my face. I dont know what i would do, if i couldnt do it anymore... I have learned a lot, in these past six months. I have been riding for about eleven months total.. but the past few months have been the greatest. I really love the way things are at Karl-Erik's and i am really fond of the horses..  I just can not wait for summer... I get so exited and start dreaming. I hope i'll be able to ride three or four times a week! That would be magnifficent.

The last lesson was absolutely thrilling. The horse i was meant to ride, likes to be grumpy from time to time. I really like her, she's a sweetheart. But when you start riding her.. and you are lacking some self asteem or not feeling very confident, you might have some problems with her. I can say, she gave me a heck of a rodeo the last time :D Well it really wasnt that bad.. as you know, people usually over exaggerate. But she did cick and jump.. it really felt like in some western movie :D  Altough i lost some control over the horse, i fought back and stayed in the saddle. Afterwards it felt great.. And i felt powerful :3
Eitherway, the lesson has tought me to be patient and to never give up.. I learn quite a lot there, and im happy about that.
At the end of our riding lesson we could ride barebac. So the horses would cool down. And it was so much fun.

 I rode together, with my friend Lisa. I even tought her to relax and enjoy the ride. I dont know the term in english.. the riding style.. When you stay in contact with the horse the whole trot. Anyway, we had so much fun. After the lesson Lisa stayed over and we had even more fun :)

I hope to learn more about horse riding, horses and barnwork in the summer. Meanwhile i must
 concentrate on my studies.. The tenth grade isn't particulary easy.

I hope next year will be nice and gnerous to all good people..
Till next time!
Good day

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Been awhile ..huh?

Hi people from different places of the earth :D
It has been a long time, since i have written something here. But i have come a long way since then. I have really improved over the past 4 months :)
So much has happened ... I went to a horse riding camp, to Tallinn International Horse Show..I have got many new friends. I have learned the trot, the canter (kind of) and so on.
My last lesson was anything but boring :D
It was snowing... It was snowing a lot, and the weather was freezing. It took about 45 minutes for us to get the horses ready. The lesson went great... I got to ride without the saddle, it was a first for me. I LOVED it!!! :D
Our temporary trainer told us we could do whatever we want.. the weather was bad and we were cold, so we did the trot as much as we could. It was nice and warm to ride without the saddle..

I've got much more stories to tell... it's just that.... Im not all that familiar with horse riding terms in english. I have several estonian blogs aswell. I write a lot more there.

Ti'll next time!
Astala Vista Babyy ;D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update :D

So.. i havent been here for a while. Basicly because im taking a break from horse riding. Im in the ninth grade.. i have lots of homework and tests. And, because i have been sick for a week... i have extra homework and tests... anyway, i love horse riding, but i cant do it for a little while now. But in the summer... im gonna ride untill my but hurts :D And i think i can get back to the saddle in late-spring. For now, i'll try to get well and study as much as i can..
I havent been blogging here, because i have several other blogs. One in english, and two in estonian. I have been blogging a lot in the estonian blogs lately... it's more comfortable for me, cause' estonian is my mother-tongue... im still learning english. And the second reason is, because i havent been riding for some time now... dont have anything to write :) ... but, soon i will have something to write, just wait. But before that, im gonna blog about the puppies my dog is gonna have soon :D ... for that, check out my other blog :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year : 2012

Hello. First of all i want to let everyone know
Happy New Year!!!
I hope to get lots of unfinished things finished. I have a good feeling about this year, last year was not very good. Basically the fact that i discovered horse riding last year prevents me from saying that it was a very bad year. I learned to draw better, gained some new friends, my life started going a bit more uphill at the end of the year. It really was a tough year for me and my family, and we are hoping this year will be better. I want to let you know, that whatever happens, never lose faith and belief that everything will be better someday.

 - Happy New Year !!!