Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update :D

So.. i havent been here for a while. Basicly because im taking a break from horse riding. Im in the ninth grade.. i have lots of homework and tests. And, because i have been sick for a week... i have extra homework and tests... anyway, i love horse riding, but i cant do it for a little while now. But in the summer... im gonna ride untill my but hurts :D And i think i can get back to the saddle in late-spring. For now, i'll try to get well and study as much as i can..
I havent been blogging here, because i have several other blogs. One in english, and two in estonian. I have been blogging a lot in the estonian blogs lately... it's more comfortable for me, cause' estonian is my mother-tongue... im still learning english. And the second reason is, because i havent been riding for some time now... dont have anything to write :) ... but, soon i will have something to write, just wait. But before that, im gonna blog about the puppies my dog is gonna have soon :D ... for that, check out my other blog :)