Thursday, November 8, 2012

Been awhile ..huh?

Hi people from different places of the earth :D
It has been a long time, since i have written something here. But i have come a long way since then. I have really improved over the past 4 months :)
So much has happened ... I went to a horse riding camp, to Tallinn International Horse Show..I have got many new friends. I have learned the trot, the canter (kind of) and so on.
My last lesson was anything but boring :D
It was snowing... It was snowing a lot, and the weather was freezing. It took about 45 minutes for us to get the horses ready. The lesson went great... I got to ride without the saddle, it was a first for me. I LOVED it!!! :D
Our temporary trainer told us we could do whatever we want.. the weather was bad and we were cold, so we did the trot as much as we could. It was nice and warm to ride without the saddle..

I've got much more stories to tell... it's just that.... Im not all that familiar with horse riding terms in english. I have several estonian blogs aswell. I write a lot more there.

Ti'll next time!
Astala Vista Babyy ;D