Friday, March 28, 2014

Been awhile

So, we've got some catching up to do.... a lot of catching up actually. It's been a loooong long time from the last time I wrote here. Woah.. where to start...
First of all... I've changed schools. Im studying a speciality meant for horse people.. or more for young people who want to study horsemanship and everything related to horses. So, it's meant just for me. Next to that i'll get a high school education aswell.
It's been almost a year now studying there for me.. I've gotten so much smarter, experienced and more confident.. I know what im doing, I know how to handle horses better, I'm not afraid, I get to do so much different and experience so many different things. I feel amazing and it seems I'm on the right path.
My riding however... I have so much room to develop. Since I've been riding properly for only about 2 years now.. But I hope that this summer things are gonna change.. atleast a little bit. And ofcourse I'm better than I was a year ago. The summer was awesome and in 2 months It's gonna be summer again!! Can't wait!
I'm gonna ride more and I'm gonna be at my trainers barn a lot more than before.. gonna help her with tourists and barnwork and everything. I'm hoping to get to do a lot of different exercises and practice different things with the horses there. My trainer is really busy and I think she'll be happy if I'm so keen on helping her and the horses. Plus, I'm gonna exercise more :D Yay me! :D

I've got a favourite. Her name is Rimella and she's great. She has some flaws and maybe ignores humans a little bit.. but she gets along with other horses great. Everyone has flaws and It'd be boring without any flaws. And SOMETHING is appealing to me... like there's something drawing me to her... It's not just because it's great to ride her (tho she tends to speed up alot and such..) but there's something else... I can't put my finger on it, but there's something. I just want to work with her and make her see that there really is a human for every horse... we could complete each other. I feel something more, I don't just think she's a cute horse... I feel a bond.... or atleast something that could be. I can't really describe it.
There's a downside.. She belongs to my trainer and if I somehow manage to buy her after I've finished school... she'll be 18 years old. But she really doesn't seem old... She is young spirited and a free soul. I don't think she will be unrideable when 20 years old.. I kind of think she's one of those horses who live to be like 28 or 30 something.
I hope to do lots of things with her in the summer and maybe my trainer will let me ride her more. She kind of has this policy that you can't ride one horse for more than two lessons in a row. But we'll see about that.
It's funny, but I kind of love that horse. Sometimes I feel that she doesn't feel the same.. that she couldn't care less. But I want to light that spark in her eyes.. Like when she sees me she'll feel joy and happiness. I'd like to make that happen..

So.. here's where I am now. Craving for love from that One horse... Life is going uphill and I'm doing what I love most... I think I can say I really am happy. I mean, life has it's ups and downs and there are good days and bad days.. but overall I can say everything's great.

Yours truly

look at that face...