Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is so close!

For me, school is out in three weeks!!! Aghhh, I'm so exited. We have this training/practice thing for two and a half months.. so I'm going to ask my trainer if I can go there, and hopefully I can. And IF she can pay me a little, I'm going to save up for a car. And I have exercised more these past few weeks. Im happy, that I do stuff and don't just sit around... well... atleast most of the time :3
I've learned lots of things this year, and I am positive I will learn lots more. I WANT to learn, and I think that's really important.
About riding.. I have done better, then worse, then better and then again worse... So I dunno what to say about that. There is progress, and there also are failures.. but we learn from our mistakes and hope to get better as time passes.
One of my two favourite horses was taken away. I really liked riding him, next to Rimella that is. But, I hope my trainer will buy him someday.. I dunno.. I really liked riding him.
Then again we have a young pony mare to train soon.. Can't wait!
Ohmy.. I have so much to do this week...
So farewell for now!
May the odds
Be ever in your favor
heh :D
bye :3